VegiTerranean shirts for sale: Proceeds go to Japan!

VegiTerranean, Akron’s upscale vegan restaurant, donated three wonderful styles of their shirts for us to sell.  The shirts are all printed locally by Akron’s Rubber City Clothing and are all limited editions.  All proceeds will be split between JEARS & Direct Relief!  To purchase a shirt, follow the links below to eBay:

$15–VegiTerranean LIMITED EDITION Short-Sleeve Unisex Tee (Sizes S/M/L)
$15–VegiTerranean LIMITED EDITION Long-Sleeve Unisex Tee (Size Small ONLY)
$15–VegiTerranean LIMITED EDITION Cap-Sleeve Fitted Tee (Size Small ONLY)

PS: If the links expire, just search for “VegiTerranean Tee” on eBay and all 3 listings should pop up until we sell out.


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