I’m off to the bake sale!

We can’t wait to start selling goodies today! We hope you’ll join us–we’ll be at VegiTerranean from 11am to 4pm selling tons of amazing treats.

 Before I head out, I wanted to thank our many volunteers who devoted countless hours to baking, organizing, publicizing, and soliciting donations!  We especially couldn’t have done this without Christina, Len, Amy, Kim, Aurora, Abby, Leah, Monica, Coda, Susan, Chris, Tiffany, Mo, Michelle, Leah, Justin, Olivia, Kim, Kevin, Scarlet, Arwen, Jared, Sylvia, Jim, Rachelle, Colleen, Tofu666, Paula, Laura, Mike, Mike & Deborah, Celeste, Celine, Yoshie, Amanda, Kathy, Dan, Margarita, Meredith, Mary, Maria, Janaya, Nathan, Erin, Courtney, Karolina, Nick, Leah, Katie, Hether, & all of the girls at the NEO Roller Derby*!

And also, we owe a special thanks to the businesses that donated items to our bake sale!  West Side Bakery, Pure Delite, Empowered Chocolate, Vegan Sweet Tooth, Plant Kingdom, Ms. Julie’s Kitchen, Terra Bakery, Sustainable Inspiring Spaces,  Rudi’s Bakery, Vaute Couture, Pangea, Akron Aeros, Bright Idea Shops, and Plastic Lumber Company—we couldn’t have done this without you!

Lastly, a HUGE THANKS to VegiTerranean for allowing us to use their space for the second year in a row!

(*My apologies if I left anyone out–let me know if there’s anyone missing!)


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