A big THANKS goes out to Pure Delite!

We are pleased to announce that Pure Delite has agreed to donate some of their vegan cupcakes for the bake sale!!!  Pure Delite is a “Guilt-Free Cupcakery” in Fairlawn.  Their cupcakes contain less than half of the calories, sugar, and fat of a regular cupcake–but with all of the flavor.  Obviously, this means you are totally free to reach for that second cupcake–at least that’s my logic.

Photo by Pure Delite

Pure DeLite uses only organic and locally-produced ingredients. Their website lists countless inspiring cupcake varieties, including everything from your standard Vanilla DeLite cupcake to Caramel Macchiato, French Toast, Blackberry Peach Cobbler, Ice Cream Sundae, and even Sangria (for the over-21 crowd).  Any of their flavors can be made vegan, sugar-free, or gluten-free.  To see their daily offerings, visit their Facebook Page.  Come out and try their cupcakes at the bake sale!

Photo by Pure Delite

(Seriously. Who wouldn’t want a tiger cake for their birthday?)

Pure Delite is located in the Merchant’s Square Plaza at 125 Ghent Rd., Fairlawn, OH 44333.


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