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A spotlight on two more of our bakeries

We have a truly impressive lineup of baked goods for Saturday (check out the preview here)!  Before I get involved in many hours of baking over the next few days, I wanted to share with you two more of our awesome bakeries that are donating to the event.

First, Terra Bakery is a dairy-free and delicious vegan bakery in Chagrin Falls that sells all kinds of desserts, including coconut cream pie,  maple “bacon” scones, Mexican chocolate snickerdoodle cookies, banana bread with cherries and walnuts, and brownies.  Check out their Facebook page to place an order with Lea!

Photo by Terra Bakery

Next up, we have Specialty Sweets by Molly, which offers vegan sweets, treats, and catering! Molly Aubochon, who earned second place in the Vegan Iron Chef challenge, creates all kinds of vegan, raw, and/or gluten-free items in Kent. Her menu boasts everything from entrees (such as potato and jalapeno enchiladas or tofu and veggie quiches) to soups (like butternut squash and coconut tofu) and of course, tons of desserts.  Many of her desserts can be found at the Kent Haymaker Farmer’s Market (which runs from May through October).

Photo via Specialty Sweets by Molly

In other news, have you seen Jonathan Mann and Ivory King’s new song, “Vegan Myths Debunked?” (Sample lyrics: “Where do you get your protein?” “Plants!” “Where do you get your calcium?” “Plants!”) It’s a part of Jonathan Mann’s on-going endeavor to write and sing one song a day.

Maybe we can get some of our bake sale girls to sing it on Saturday? You’ll have to come to the bake sale to find out!